Server component interfaces first needs to be deployed within the Remedy ITSM instance.

Check out the How to Guide: ITSM4Office Server Component Integration Guide.pdf

Server Component

Released 12 July 2019

Release notes

Important: Upgrade All Clients to v2 first as this Server Component is not backward compatible with v1 Clients.

Client 2.1.7167.31338

Released 12 July 2019

Release notes

  • v2 Server Component is needed to enable the new features.
  • This Client is backward compatible with v1 Server Component.
  • ITSM4Outlook can now be used by "non-support staff" for following upon requests & Approvals.


  • Work Info edition & attachments update.
  • Full "Change" support.
  • "Relationships" support.
  • "Service request" support.
  • "Approval" support.
  • "Live" Priority calculation.
  • New API and even more customization capabilities.
    • Custom Search and Sort Fields.
    • Custom views/fields/style/template.
    • Support for AR "Service" workflows in Actions & Client Scripts

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