Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Our mission is to improve the competitiveness and service quality of companies through the provision of intuitive and innovative IT solutions,
and these are the values that rule our business

User Centric

Developing and providing user-centric solutions that are intuitive, simple and adapted to the real needs of organizations is our core commitment and first priority.


We care for small details. At HDT we are dedicated to provide the best tools to our customer and as such we set high standards on all our features.

Customer Satisfaction & Quality Service

Our customers are highly important to us. We do our best to satisfy them and provide them with the best quality service possible.

Security & Safety

We know the importance of data. This is why we put special attention on the safety and security of data, in order to ensure their integrity and privacy.

Creativity & Innovation

We develop creative and competitive solutions that are unique and exclusive. These make the difference between doing things the right way and doing things the best way.

Quality of Life

All our employees work remotely as a way to increase their quality of life. For us, workplace is not important, what is important are results and the dedication of our employees.

Continuous improvement

At HDT we try to continuously improve, not only from a product and service perspective but also as an organization. We are never satisfied as we know that things can always be improved.


We have a passion for our work and for delivering effective solutions that can really help people doing their work in an easier, yet more efficient, way.

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