ITSM4Outlook is specifically designed for IT saff and their managers that use BMC Remedy® within their organization.

ITSM4Outlook will NOT replace BMC Remedy®. ITSM4Outlook acts as a bridge between Microsoft Outlook® and BMC Remedy®. As such, an active version of BMC Remedy® is necessary for ITSM4Outlook to function.

Right now, ITSM4Outlook only does the integration with the BMC® solution. However, it is planned to broaden the range of products compatible with. You can keep informed of our new developments through our Newsletter.

ITSM4outlook is a perfect complement to Smart IT®. While ITSM4Outlook will help you to perform in an easier and more efficient way your ITSM tasks, Smart IT® will give you a better insight of your workload. The combination of these two solutions will provide you all the tools and information you could need in order to achieve excellence.

ITSM4Outlook only functions from version 8 of the BMC® Remedy ITSM Suite. Prior versions are not supported. It also has to be noted that ITSM4Outlook only works with native versions of BMC Remedy and is not supported on customized versions.

Currently, ITSM4Outlook is only available for Microsoft® systems (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) equipped with the latest generation of Microsoft Office® (2010/2013/2016). Therefore, it is not supported at the present time on Macintosh.

ITSM4Outlook is designed to be used with versions 2010, 2013 and 2016 of Microsoft Office®. However, you can still install and use ITSM4Outlook with Office 2007, but in this case, it has to be noticed that ITSM4Outlook has not be fully tested and is not supported on this Office version.

Currently, ITSM4Outlook is only available in English. However, additional languages will be available in future versions.

You can buy ITSM4Outlook through our network of official distributors and resellers. To have more information about our distributors please contact us.

The installation and deployment of ITSM4Outlook is really easy. First, an integration pack has to be installed on your server side. Then you just have to execute the installation program and register/activate your license key.


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