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Nowadays, Information and Communication Technologies can be found everywhere and are basic parts of any organization. The performance and reliability of IT are thus critical for businesses in order to maintain and increase their competitiveness. However, for most companies, the implementation, control, management and update of high-level and complex IT solutions require tremendous efforts and investments. In addition, the fast-evolving grounds of these IT solution make it even harder for large companies to keep up-to-date and stay competitive.
At HDT, we know the importance of working with the best tools available in order to deliver the best results possible. As such, we are dedicated to the development and optimization of powerful, reliable and intuitive IT solutions in order to make the IT world an easier place.
Our aim is to deliver to large companies, innovative tools and solutions that simplify and optimize their IT. Our deep knowledge of IT processes and workflows enables us to identify and overcome existing gaps and to come up with highly effective solutions that will improve the competitiveness of organizations.

Our Team Members

This is the team behind HDT

Hervé Roux | Founder, Managing Director & Chief Product Officer

Hervé has a strong IT background with 10 years’ experience as IT Manager. He is the founder of HDT and the creator of ITSM4Outlook.

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